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It works just like our silent fundraisers and its a great excuse to take a break from cooking dinner! A great way of getting together and enjoying some family time, while helping our Roadrunnners have a great school year!


Everyone eats, so with that in mind join us at the location below on the selected date. Order dinner, while our Roadrunners benefit from the sale of your meal.


Bring the flyer, mention Grace Miller Elementary PTA, or show the flyer on your smart phone so we earn a percentage of the sales. Remember your helping support our school and we apprecaite everyone that is able to participate in Family Fun Nights.


What is a Family Fun Night?

We need YOU! Get involved...

If time is a concern, this is an ideal position if you want to get involved!

The Parent Engagement Position simply finds restaurants who would host us for Family FUN Night by setting up the date, distributing flyers, and this is only 4-6 times during the school year.



* Restaurants charge for the meals. This is not a free event.

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