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Silent Fundraising! 

Silent Fundraising is the easiest way to help. With our busy schedules volunteering sometimes not an option. As parents, we are always shopping for something either in store or online. With technology it's convenient for us to shop via our smart phones. Our Roadrunners are now participating in earning a percentage of sales for online orders when you click on a link below. 



Giving back without doing any extra work! Simply shop on any of the three sites - Amazon, Shoparoo, and Box Tops.

Let those merchants donate a percentage of sales to our Roadrunners! in 2017/2018 Amazon earned us $250 and Shoparoo has earned us over $450 for our school.

Don't feel like downloading the apps? Save your receipts from major grocery chains (Vons, Albertson's, Stater Bros) put them in an envelope and drop in the PTA mailbox. We will scan them to earn points! Remember do it quickly as receipts expire after 14 days.

Simply click on any of the images and follow the links. There you will find information on how to help support our Roadrunners!

Save your Box Tops for our Roadrunners! Keep on the lookout for flyers to collection Box Tops!

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